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Founded 17/04/2013






 Evolution of the World Ranking. in real time: 

FIFA 13118 th (late beginning 5 months!)

FIFA 14 : 60 th (top 100 better)



Welcome all !









Community comprising members of the club " FIFAMILLY FC" operating in the Pro Club mode on the PS3 game FIFA.





Cool   - The headquarters -   Cool



As its name suggests, this address is the headquarters of the Club Pro.

It is here that the club is run deep and it is also a place of rendezvous for the various members of this one.

- Forum discution, Agenda, "Rules", Proceedings of the match, Developed tactics, many things that we have chosen to develop through this WebSite.

  Indeed, if we decided to create a website, it is in order to optimize our project to perpetuate a good workforce Club Pro. Ie, a club of good things both in the quality of play that human qualities. A club in which it is good to be in a good mood, in a good team spirit, a true community in every sense of the word, with its regulars, its old and new friendships are a group of individuals animated by the same "hearts" and welded under one banner!

It is to defend the colors of a club having born on 17/04/2013, ie FIFAMILLY FC. Rigolant

Our first experience has taught us that Community, a group or a club pro, correct ways to operate, consistent and in good conditions, have everyone certainly need to be well organized. In this way, through the process of creating a WebSite, somewhere we set up a kind of framework.

Everyone is aware of its existence, and each invited to follow, for the simple reason that 

" In a team you play for yourself but with others."






On the left of your screen you will find the menu and its various categories . To help you here's a little history on these categories . Also, clicking on the word "Orange" , a hyperytexte link will open a window directly related to the corresponding category. Clin d'œil

 - Workforce : this category includes two groups of players with a reserved space or other special place in the Club , namely the group of Holders and that of Substitutes .

- Tactics / Training : As the name suggests, this category includes details of the various tactics and training offered by the active members of the Club.

Rules : tab to which all members must click "priority" at least once. A page that is detailed operating rules of the Club.

- Member Area : Club each player has access to the site , so this category is essential, it allows everyone to become a full member , which promotes greater interaction between the players of the club.

- Forum  (on the french version) : One of the most important categories of the site ! It allows us to discuss various topics , to learn to know , create links, to support the community, many things need to pérénisation of this one. Do not hesitate to go there in order to create topics and post your comments!

- Agenda : category to set specific appointment. A little more practice !

Guestbook : This category is a register in which site visitors can deliver their impressions , comments , you can post a small friendly word or a particular reaction , leaving a trace amount.

- Videos : it is possible that specific club or videos posted in this topic. If you have a video related to the Club to offer , do not hesitate.

- Blog : This is a space for publishing content , a space for expression , a tool for spreading your ideas in the form of articles.

- Sondage : a useful tab to question members of the site on various topics .

- Photos Album : As its name suggests, it is a tab for the dissemination of photos related to the club and its members.

Let's Go ! Clin d'œil



***** To Know : *****

 - To contact us you can use our email address: fifamillyfc@gmail.com

- Sign up for the site using the "Member Area" tab found in the menu on your left!

- Post your reactions, comments on the "Forum", make live the site and especially the Club (on the French version) !